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J Endocrinol Invest. 2016 Apr 8. [Epub ahead of print]

Diagnostic, therapeutic and health-care management protocol in thyroid surgery: a position statement of the Italian Association of Endocrine Surgery Units (U.E.C. CLUB).



The diagnostic, therapeutic and health-care management protocol (Protocollo Gestionale Diagnostico-Terapeutico-Assistenziale, PDTA) by the Association of the Italian Endocrine Surgery Units (U.E.C. CLUB) aims to help treat the patient in a topical, rational way that can be shared by health-care professionals.


This fourth consensus conference involved: a selected group of experts in the preliminary phase; all members, via e-mail, in the elaboration phase; all the participants of the XI National Congress of the U.E.C. CLUB held in Naples in the final phase. The following were examined: diagnostic pathway and clinical evaluation; mode of admission and waiting time; therapeutic pathway (patient preparation for surgery, surgical treatment, postoperative management, management of major complications); hospital discharge and patient information; outpatient care and follow-up.


A clear and concise style was adopted to illustrate the reasons and scientific rationales behind behaviors and to provide health-care professionals with a guide as complete as possible on who, when, how and why to act. The protocol is meant to help the surgeon to treat the patient in a topical, rational way that can be shared by health-care professionals, but without influencing in any way the physician-patient relationship, which is based on trust and clinical judgment in each individual case.



The PDTA in thyroid surgery approved by the fourth consensus conference (June 2015) is the official PDTA of U.E.C. CLUB.

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